Wmcalc is simple little application that I am writing. It is specifically designed to be docked in Windowmaker, or 'Swallowed' by wharf in Afterstep. If you're not familiar with these windowmanagers, check them out in the links section. Of course, it should work in just about any window manager. Wmcalc is a 64x64 pixel application that performs all the functions (and eventually more) of a simple four function calculator. It includes a 10 digit alpha-numeric display, and twenty buttons for user input. Clicking on the display will clear the calculator.
Window Maker dockapp for displaying cellular automata.
wmlife runs Conway's Game of Life. Life is played on a grid of square cells where a cell can be either live or dead. In the rules, you count the number of live neighbours for each cell to determine whether a cell lives or dies.
Mandelbrot explorer.