cnslock is a dock application (dockapp) which provides a visual indication of the states of the three “lock” buttons (caps, num, and scroll).


miniCHESS was born out of boredom. I warn you… if you’re a chess enthusiast and play a lot then please use xboard or some other chess gui. Even though miniCHESS has that kinda cool factor, it does get hard on the eyes. I like using miniCHESS for games in which I’m in no hurry to finish and go on for a couple days. Sorry but miniCHESS has no save/restore features yet.

Mountapp is a dockapp for mounting and unmounting filesystems. It is especially useful for removable volumes like CD-ROMs, ZIP(tm) disks, and floppies. One click to mount, unmount, eject. GUI configuration, automatically configures "user" and "owner" mounts from /etc/fstab.
Sherman's aquarium
This applet gives you an aquarium with some randomly selected fishes that live there. Well, to tell you the truth, you can get a turtle in your aquarium too. Some other features this program gives you, except for the part that it gives you an aquarium with fishes that takes care of itself, no feeding, no cleaning and so on, is that the temperature scale on the right side shows the current CPU load. It can also be configurated to display the time and show the status of numlock, capslock and scrollock. The fishes are done by Jim Toomey, the author of the "Sherman's Lagoon" comics.
TV in a Box
This is a TV displaying applet. It has most features that normal TV displaying applications have.
wmAnimateImage is a dockapp in the style of [wmGrabImage](http://www.dockapps.net/wmgrabimage) except this one animates the image it grabs from the web. You supply the frame rate the wget time and the number of frames. It also supports multiple (up to 255) sources that can be selected with the mouse wheel. Left clicking opens a corresponding URL and middle click opens the image in a viewer.
wmbio is a dockapp designed for Window Maker. It shows you your biorhythms by setting your birth date. It also allows you to see the progress in the time of your biorhythms and it calculates your next positive or negative total biorhythmic level.
wmcliphist is a dockable application for Window Maker. It keeps a history of clipboard operations and allows you to put previously copied items back to clipboard for pasting to other applications.
Window Maker Crappy Pager. A simple dockable pager for use in Window Maker.
wmDockApp is an empty do nothing dockapp that draw a black rectangle that is 54x54. The only functionality is that it handles expose events. It does however come with wmgeneral and has many of the functions needed for a typical dockapp already written. The developer need therefore only write the actual useful code for their dockapp and the rest can be ignored. This app is therefore a good starting point when writing a new dockapp.
Multi shape 3D rotating dots.
WMeyes is a pretty simple application: it sits in the Window Maker dock, and a pair of eyes track your cursor. Actually, the program should work in all window managers, but then you don't have a dock to sit it in, in which case you might as well use xeyes.
wmfortune is a dockapp that shows you fortune messages.
Monitor your favorite web image. If you have memory leak problems: upgrade your ImageMagick package (its likely to be the cause).
wmkeys is a Window Maker and AfterStep dock app which allows you to quickly switch between different X keymaps, for example QWERTY and Dvorak. The source includes QWERTY and Dvorak keymappings. Other keymappings can be made with JWZ's xkeycaps.
A DockApp thats runs a slightly modified version of Jamie Zawinski's xmatrix screenhack.
wmomikuzi is a dockapp that predicts your luck (without any basis) in traditional Japanese Style. "omikuzi" means "written orale" or "fortune telling" in Japanese.
wmpager is a simple pager docklet for the Window Maker. wmpager offers the following features: * convenient workspace switching using the mouse for up to nine workspaces * automatic configuration according to the number of workspaces (you may however if you like also specify the number of workspaces and the layour of wmpager yourself) * automagic adjustment to the currently active workspace (if you happen to switch workspaces using the keyboard or some other Window Maker means) * configurable look and feel to match your Window Maker theme * tooltips for the workspace names (if you happen to have to many workspaces and can't remember which is which ;-))
wmpasman stores your passwords, and makes them available for pasting (both via the middle-click PRIMARY selection and the CLIPBOARD selection) at the click of a button. It also contains a digital clock. Access is controlled by a passphrase.
wmpinboard is a Window Maker dock applet resembling a miniature pinboard. It's intended to somewhat relieve heavily littered desktops by allowing you to place reminders on a graphical on-screen pinboard rather than produce a mess of rea notes all around your keyboard (thus being environmentally A Good Thing, too ;-) ).
A Window Maker Dock App for Shutting Down your machine.
"This program is a Window Maker style dockapp which allows you to create note windows. By default, the notes, along with their position, size, and color, are stored in files and will be restored when wmstickynotes is run again.
Dock any (!) application into the Window Maker dock.
Cute tetris applet.
Boooring 2D tunnel.
Dockable video4linux TV player for WindowMaker
Watch your own webcam in a small dockapp window. Now supports external scripts (to stamp and send the jpeg images to webserver etc..)
Frontend for xscreensaver (right now it only runs the separate hacks in the DockApp).