audio is simple mixer application for Linux with ALSA drivers (>= 0.9.x).


AScd is a CD player that can be “docked” with Afterstep and Window Maker with the following features:

  • Advanced CD Player:
    • Several modes including loops, intro scan, autoplay, autorepeat
    • Hardware volume control with mute and auto-fade in/out
    • WorkMan database support with song name scrolling
    • all settings can be saved and loaded at startup
    • Hardware control based on LibWorkMan
    • Multi-platform: tested with FreeBSD, Linux, Solaris, AIX
  • Fully customizable interface:
    • Multiple theme support
    • 100% customizable screen layout
    • Not restricted to “dockable” sized windows, themes support any window size
    • Multi-panels support
    • Up to 200 elements per theme
    • Horizontal and vertical sliders to use for CD direct access, mixer controls or hardware volume
    • Separate designs for main and icon windows
  • Optional features:
    • configuration window using WINGs toolkit
    • Workman’s database edition
    • mixer support (tested with FreeBSD and Linux)

CDMON is a plug & play daemon that monitors CD medias’ insertion.

When a CD is detected, cdmon mounts it and displays a dockapp that allows:

  • to launch your favorite filemanager (left click)
  • to unmount the device and eject CD (right click).

The dockapp also shows the “model” of the CD reader/writer. is a mixer utility for Linux/FreeBSD systems. It is designed to be docked in Window Maker. This utility has three volume controllers that can be configured to handle any sound source, the default sources are master-, cd- and pcm-volume. Sound sources can easily be muted and there is also wheel mouse support.


Utility to control mplayer instances and have it play streaming media. Based on the python library pywmdockapps.

It is a working example of the new object oriented module of the library. The distributed tarball includes library and all other examples. It needs mplayer!

A simple, easy-to-use volume control for a single sound source. Left-click on the knob and drag it up or down to “turn” it; double-left-click to mute or unmute. Currently, it supports only the OSS mixer interface. ALSA support is possible via OSS emulation.


WindowMaker dock applet that displays album covers for songs being played by XMMS. You must already have images of the album covers stored near the file being played. WMAlbum provides a handy circular menu for play/skip/etc, and can replace wmxmms.


Wmamixer is a fork of wmsmixer and is an ALSA mixer dockapp for Window Maker.


This is a port of wmxmms to GTK 2.x and Audacious.


A dock applet for playing CDs. Artwork files allow you to customize the look-and-feel of wmcdplay.


Control the LASH Audio Session Handler.


Dockapp mixer for OSS or ALSA. Allows toggling record source, muting individual channels, adjusting volume and balance, all in a compact dockapp size, with TV-like on-screen-display for volume levels. Supports mousewheel to adjust current channel volume, and can be controlled remotely with SIGUSR1 / SIGUSR2 to adjust the volume, too. Can use a configuration file to control some of the features.


A hack of WMMixer to use the ALSA sound drivers.


Mixer application designed for WindowMaker. wmmixer displays the mixer status of your computer in a small icon. Most common channels are identified with an appropriate icon. Control include a stereo (mono where appropriate) volume control and a recording source toggle button.

It is possible to change between the different channels using two small buttons (previous channel, next channel) and to change the volume of the channel.

There’s nothing in the program that makes it require WindowMaker, except maybe the NeXTStep look and the fact that it properly docks. It can be used with other window managers without problems.


This nice little dockapp provides a simple interface to mpd, the Music Player Daemon.


mp3 player dock app for windowmaker; frontend to mpg123


WMRack is a CD player and sound applet sizing 48x48 pixels. It will fit perfectly into Window Maker’s dock and it will also fit in similar institutions of other windowmanagers (e.g., AfterStep’s Wharf or the Buttons module of a FVWM clone).


wmradio is small FM radio application. It support skins and 6 preset stations.


This is a hack to wmmixer which makes some changes to the display and adds a few new features, most notably scrollwheel support.


wmusic is a dockapp that remote-controls MPRIS-compatible media players. Here is a list of the features:

  • VCR style controls including fast rewind and fast forward
  • Time and Playlist position display
  • Super stylee rotating arrow