An archive of 211 Window Maker dockapps.


What is a dockapp?

Dockapps are small applications that run inside a 64x64 icon, often in Window Maker’s dock or AfterStep’s wharf. They are useful for viewing the time, obtaining weather reports, receiving email alerts, monitoring the system, and other basic tasks.

What is

Our goal is twofold: to serve as a comprehensive directory of all available dockapps and also to host dockapps which are maintained by the Window Maker Team.

How can I help?

If you would like to add or update a dockapp, fork and submit a pull request to the gh-pages branch.

The site is built using Jekyll. Jekyll is a blogging platform, and each dockapp is a “post”. Therefore, they are stored in the _posts directory. Note that each filename begins with “1970-01-01”. Date prefixes are required for Jekyll posts (again, because it is a blogging platform). The particular date was an arbitrary choice (the date of the Unix epoch), but each dockapp should use the same date so that they sort alphabetically and not by date.

The files themselves consist of a YAML front matter block followed by a description using Markdown.

There are two types of dockapp: hosted and non-hosted.

Hosted dockapps are maintained by the Window Maker Team. Their source is under version control in the Window Maker dockapps git repository and release tarballs are hosted here at

Non-hosted dockapps are maintained elsewhere.

Let’s consider a hypothetical hosted dockapp “wmfoo”. We would have a file _posts/ containing:

layout: dockapp
title: wmfoo
permalink: wmfoo
hosted: 1
 - wmfoo1.png
 - wmfoo2.png
  number: 0.1
  download: wmfoo-0.1.tar.gz
  number: 0.2
  download: wmfoo-0.2.tar.gz
categories: baz
Description of wmfoo using Markdown.

The image files are added to the img directory and the tarballs to the download directory.

Now consider a hypothetical non-hosted dockapp “wmbar”. The file _posts/ contains:

layout: dockapp
title: wmbar
permalink: wmbar
hosted: 0
 - wmbar1.png
 - wmbar2.png
categories: baz
Description of wmbar using Markdown.

Note the two main differences. Hosted dockapps have hosted: 1 while non-hosted dockapps have hosted: 0. Also, non-hosted dockapps do not have a versions sequence.

Note that some dockapps (e.g., contain dots in their names. In this case, we need to remove the dot from the permalink field, e.g.,

permalink: fooapp

Note that categories are also stored as Jekyll posts. For example, the “baz” category which wmfoo and wmbar both belong to corresponds to a file _posts/ containing:

layout: category
title: baz
permalink: category/baz

What if I have a question or find a problem with the site?

Either create an issue or email the Window Maker developers.

Missing dockapps

The following dockapps appear to have disappeared from the internet. If you have the source code lying around somewhere, please let us know! Home