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wmisdn is a dock applet that monitors the i4l ISDN subsystem and lets the user start/stop/disable a ppp connection on a specified device. It can run as a docked applet in KDE2 (via kappdock), Window Maker or Afterstep, as well as a standalone windowed application in any other window manager. On its main window, wmisdn shows the status of the monitored ippp device. An additional panel can be toggled to show extended information about the connection. wmisdn can control the ippp connection via three buttons that appear on the upper side of the main window when toggled using the vertical arrow switch (take a look at the second screenshot). The green one opens the connection, the yellow one closes it and the red one disables it.

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wmisdn screenshot wmisdn screenshot wmisdn screenshot

Available Versions:

A newer version may be available in the Window Maker dockapps git repository:

git clone

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