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It’s a system monitor for Linux systems running afterstep, but should work on other window managers, too. I got fed up with most other wharf system monitors that didn’t show the correct memory usage, and took up too much CPU. asmon also shows the exact amount of memory used and load avg by the numbers. The CPU bar is fairly standard, next to it is the current load average. The second bar is memory usage, taken as a whole, it represent the amount of memory used. The area before the first tick represents shared memory, the area between the two ticks is buffered memory, the area from the second tick to the end of the bar represents cached memory. The number to the right represents the number of megs currently being used. The third bar represents the amount of swap file used, and the exact number of megs the swap is using. The bottom right is are page/swap LED’s taken from wmsysmon. The right is uptime. The original program is based off of Timecop’s wmcpu.


asmon screenshot

Available Versions:

A newer version may be available in the Window Maker dockapps git repository:

git clone

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