wmail is a Window Maker docklet watching your inbox, which is either a ordinary mbox or a directory conforming to qmail’s Maildir format. It provides a nice little GUI displaying some useful pieces of information about your inbox (as many other nice wm-apps doing nearly the same thing…). Per default it uses the $MAIL environment-variable to locate the inbox you are using, other mailing mechanisms like POP or IMAP are not supported - use a tool like fetchmail to retrieve POP- or IMAP-based mail.


WMBiff is an WindowMaker docking utility, that displays the number of read and unread messages in up to five mailboxes. You can also define actions to execute on new mail arrival (for example, play a sound file), [auto]fetchmail from a remote server or to execute your mail reader with a mouse click. WMBiff also supports notification of incoming Licq messages, so you can put Licq in the background.

At this moment, wmbiff supports unix-style, maildir, pop3, APOP, IMAP and IMAPS mailboxes, as well as Licq and GnomeICU history files.


wmckgmail is a very simple program used to monitor the number of unread mails in a gmail inbox. It uses the wget command to get the gmail atom feed and reads the number of new mails from this feed.

This app is based on the wmgeneral code.


This is a very simple text based mail checker. It is not designed for pop3 mailbox checking–just use fetchmail to d/l it all, then check it locally. It includes a small tool kit to help write your own dockapps.


wmmaiload monitors your mbox mail files to check for new/total mails.


wmMultiPop3 is a Window Maker dockapp, written by Daniel Sundberg, which checks one or more pop3-accounts for new mail. It’s based on wmPop3, written by Scott Helden. I’ve added support for multiple pop3 accounts (a few while-loops and some changes in the config-file parsing routines).


Wmnotify is an E-mail checker for a single POP3 or IMAP4 mailbox, with optional SSL encryption. Notification of new messages is done with a simple graphics animation and/or by playing a sound (WAV or AIFF format).


WMpop is a Window Maker DockApp for monitoring a local (mbox format) or POP3 and APOP mailbox.


This is a Window Maker dockable I wrote which will inform a user on how many messages are currently in thier pop3 mail box.


WMPop3LB is a multi POP3 accounts mailbox checker. It can connect to up to 6 POP3 accounts to check if you have mail, get the “From:” and “Subject:” header fields of each mail and display them in a 7 lines window. Messages can be deleted directly off the servers by selecting the mails to delete and clicking the “delete” button.


A fabulous mail-checking dockapp.