This is a dock application that allows you to create single application launch buttons with the image and application launch of your preference.


BBDock is an application launcher just like BBButton; but works with PNG files rather than XPM images. It supports alpha blending at 16, 24 and 32 bits color-depth and was especially designed for blackbox.


Like other button dockapps, it’s a button that runs a command. It has support for png, jpeg, xpm, tiff, etc. thanks to Imlib2.


Minidock is a 4 buttons application launcher for the Window Maker dock. The config file allow to put custom commands and icons. The default package provides two versions of the config file (common apps and Openoffice).


Easy to use & configure application launcher dockapp (menu button, kind of start-menu) for Window Maker.

  • Supplies 6 application buttons in 6 menus.
  • Can use XPP/GIF/TIFF/PNG/… files as icon pixmaps.
  • Supports a comment/tooltip for every icon.
  • Not yet GUI-configurable; only via file.
  • No docs so far.

wmalauncher is an easy to use and highly configurable application launcher dockapp especially designed for fluxbox but which also works well under blackbox, openbox, windowmaker.

wmalauncher supports XPM, PNG, SVG icons, .desktop files, true-type fonts (for tooltip text), allows to configure, among others, the background color, the border size, the brightness/contrast/gamma of icon, allows to draw a frame around the button, etc…


WMAppl is a simple application launcher for the Window Maker dock. It is loosely based off of WMButton by Edward Flora. WMAppl is configured with a list of programs and icons which are displayed within the dockapp. If more than six icons are configured, the scroll buttons may be used to cycle through the list.


Wmbuttons is simple little application that I wrote (and am in the process of updating). It is specifically designed to be docked in Windowmaker, or ‘Swallowed’ by wharf in Afterstep. If you’re not familiar with these windowmanagers, check them out in the links section. Of course, it should work in just about any window manager.

Wmbutton is a 64x64 pixel application that displays nine buttons. Each of these buttons can be configured via a configuration file to run just about any application you’d like to. Basically, if you can type it in a shell command, wmbutton can run it. The graphics of in each button may, of course, be changed as well.


A dockapp which provides a drawer (button bar) to launch applications from.


Provide a popup menu of icons for WindowMaker like in AfterStep, as a dockable application. It is not as powerful as there is only one menu level, but I think it is sufficient, since you can make multiple separate menus.

The program can be run more than once at the same time, which allows as much different menus, each one described in a separate file. The description simply consists in a suite of lines containing the pixmap name and the shell command to run, with the first line giving the dock image and the menu’s title (will be used later). The menu automatically pops up to the right or left depending on the on-screen position.