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Wmbuttons is simple little application that I wrote (and am in the process of updating). It is specifically designed to be docked in Windowmaker, or ‘Swallowed’ by wharf in Afterstep. If you’re not familiar with these windowmanagers, check them out in the links section. Of course, it should work in just about any window manager.

Wmbutton is a 64x64 pixel application that displays nine buttons. Each of these buttons can be configured via a configuration file to run just about any application you’d like to. Basically, if you can type it in a shell command, wmbutton can run it. The graphics of in each button may, of course, be changed as well.


wmbutton screenshot

Available Versions:

A newer version may be available in the Window Maker dockapps git repository:

git clone

(View in browser.) wmbutton