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This is a system monitoring dockapp, visually based on the GNOME “BubbleMon” applet (here). Basically, it displays CPU and memory load as bubbles in a jar of water. But that’s where similarity ends. New bubblemon-dockapp features translucent CPU load meter (for accurate CPU load measurement), yellow duck swimming back and forth on the water surface (just for fun), and fading load average and memory usage screens. Either of the info screens can be locked to stay on top of water/duck/cpu screen, so that you can see both statistics at once. Pretty nifty toy for your desktop. Supports Linux, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, and Solaris 2.6, 7 and 8. Code has been thoroughly optimized since version 1.0, and even with all the features compiled in, BubbleMon still uses very little CPU time. Load Average screen locked at about 20% looks particularly sexy (pictured at right). All the extra “bloated” features can be compiled out or disabled on command-line, if you prefer original “BubbleMon” look.

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wmbubble screenshot

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This dockapp is not maintained by the Window Maker Developers Team. Please visit the dockapp's website for downloads. wmbubble