A themable analog clock GNUstep dockapp with alarm.


A simple beats clock.


Dockable analog clock and calendar. With a single click of the mouse, the view is alternated between the clock and the calendar.


The ultimate analog clock app, featuring customizable pixmaps.


Time.App is a dock application for GNUStep like window managers which shows the current time in a 12 or 24 hour format. The display of the current date is also available. Designed to compliment Mixer.App and Temperature.App by Per Liden.


Tired of forgetting your clothes in the washer or dryer? washerDryer keeps track of the clothes in your washing machine and dryer, and alerts you when they are ready. Keeps track of up to 10 loads at once, and can alert you in a multitude of ways.


A binary clock with two modes of display.


A clock dockapp to go with the others (WMBlueCPU, WMBlueMem/WMMemFree, WMBlueGPU).

Features customizable colors and 12/24 hour mode.


A Calendar clock with antialiased text.


wmCalClockKbd is simple calendar clock with integrated keyboard group indicator (for XFree86 >= 4.3.0). It is based on wmCalClock-1.25.


A dockapp calendar with monthly view and interface to iCalendar based calendars like Ximian Evolution or Mozilla calendar.


wmclock is an applet which displays the date and time in a dockable tile in the same style as the clock from the NEXTSTEP(tm) operating system. wmclock is specially designed for the Window Maker window manager, by Alfredo Kojima, and features multiple language support, twenty-four-hour and twelve-hour (am/pm) time display, and, optionally, can run a user-specified program on a mouse click. wmclock is derived from ASClock (now called ASClock classic), a similar clock for the AfterStep window manager.


A nice digital clock with 7 different styles either in LCD style and LED style, and that uses locales to display week-day and month names. It also features the internet time.


wmdaysago is a Window Maker dockapp that shows you how many days have passed for a certain task since the last reset. Each task can have a small icon to identify the task and a maximum value that reminds you that the period has passed.


The last clock dockapp you’ll ever need! Features sexy gradient background, antialiased clock hands, alpha-blended bubbles, and cool fish swimming around behind the clock. Displays current time with up-to-the-second accuracy, and today’s date and day of the week. But wait, there is more! Move your mouse inside the screen, and the fish will get scared and run away! (Only if your Window Manager doesn’t suck). Oh yeah, and it checks your mail, too!


wmHexaClock is a dockapp which displays the time in hexadecimal notation. You can choose the foreground color and decide between two different display modes.


With wmhikikomori you get a nice little dockapp to constantly remind you how long you lived in total isolation. You can easily keep track when you last talked to a person in real life, how many days you haven’t left your home and the date of the last time you had fun with the opposite sex.


WMitime is yet another clock dock app (and quite overglorified at that! :) it shows standard time, date, as well as the new internet time (see www.swatch.com)


wmstopwatch counts the time elapsed since it was started. It can optionally run a command and count the time until the command terminates.


WMTime displays the time and date and gives you some nice additional features too. It is intended for docking in Window Maker.

It currently provides:

  • the time and date;
  • a realtime morphing interface (analog <> digital mode);
  • auto-scaled and anti-aliased hands;
  • localization, displaying the day and date in various languages;
  • three user-defined commands to launch.

wmtimer is a dockable alarm clock for Window Maker which can be run in alarm, countdown timer, or chronograph mode. In alarm or timer mode, you can either execute a command or sound the system bell when the time is reached. wmtimer is configurable through the command line or the GTK GUI.


wmtz displays the time in different time zones as defined in it’s configuration file. It can also display the current Julian Day Number, sidereal time and swatch beats.


wmwork helps you keeping track of time you worked on several projects.